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Just like the rest of the committee I've been a gamer pretty much since I had the required motor functions. It all started so well with Star Wars figures but soon took a turn for the worst with Dungeons and Dragons, Games Workshop boardgames and Magic the Gathering all featuring prominently.

I discovered the Spirit Games Wednesday game nights after a lengthy sabbatical and met and have been beaten by the rest of the committee at loads of these funny eurogame thingies since. I've even bought one or two. But only simple one's. I'm easing my way in.

I honestly can't think of a better way to spend the odd Saturday than playing challenging games with interesting people...or should that be the other way around? Whichever way I've always enjoyed my day out at Raiders and I'm honoured to be asked to help out.













Oridyne (Founding Member)

I have been gaming in some form or other since school some ....Years smiley
I have a vast collection of both roleplaying and boardgames which seems to keep growing smiley

Being a little obsessive, organised (for certain things) and generally enjoying getting people together to play games I form part of this committee providing what little skills I have to help keep things going. I Look after the forum and the official website as well as providing most of the promotional material for the events. Having moved to Burton I seem to have found gaming central which (unfortunately for my good lady) feeds my gaming habit. On the plus side I have met a lot of really good people who have become close friends.

Oskar (Founding Member)

I have always enjoyed playing board games but since meeting my husband have been "encouraged"     to play more and more, both board games and Role playing too, I don`t have to own any board games because Oridyne has more than enough for the both  of us   laugh I enjoy the part where  I am able to meet friends and get people together, the board games just help that along, hence the birth of Raiders of the game cupboard. I am the treasurer of the committee and help out wherever I can, since our arrival in Burton we have met some goods friends, found some goods pubs and played loads of new games, life can`t be bad 


Previous Commitee Members:

Whitefire (Founding Member)

Hi - I'm Jim, and I live just to the south west of Derby, between the city and Burton on Trent. This is very handy on a personal basis as I have access to loads of games in both, as well as farther afield.

My main interests are D&D, Runequest, Serenity RPG, Call of Cthulhu, Traveller, B5 and a variety of board games. I also dabble with anything at all new - or old that I haven't come across yet. I have been playing on and off since the late 1970's (OMG!), starting off with the very first printed edition of D&D and Chainmail..... and yet I'm still a very young person ! Amazing !

I host games, I DM / GM, I play and I give advice about all sorts of things. If there is ever anything I can do to help just ask - I'm that kind of guy. I also have a large collection of manuals, magazines from down the years, scenarios, miniatures, scenery and other assorted bits and bobs that I am happy to lend to people to help you game. I also run a bit of a taxi service to and from Derby / Burton for games (or at least when I can persuade my wife to run me around so I can have a drink!) - so do just ask if you are stuck for transport - If I can't help one of the players may be able to ...

I tend to play two distinct stereotypes in games as well - one being the shifty, cheeky chappie who might "borrow" your stash of gold; the other being the arrogant, brash, brave but daft person (think a religious clerical zealot in D&D, a Centauri nobleman in Babylon 5, a young Klingon warrior in Star Trek, a Bulldog Drummond type in Cthulhu etc..). One day I might start roleplaying.....

Anyway - join in, enjoy yourself and game on ! If you struggle in finding a game ask one of the organisers, ask one of the DM / GM people, post something on the board and just generally make it known that you want a game. It will then just happen......

Bye for now. See you at a game sometime soon.

Arnu (Founding Member)

Hi I'm Arnu (or Andie), I've been gaming for over twenty years, from RPG (Paranoia, Serenity, D&D and a multitude more) to Miniatures games (Heroclix & Star Wars Miniatures), I've even got in to boardgaming (with some help from Oridyne & Oskar).

I am unashamedly guilty of dragging my good friend Crazyfrog kicking and screaming in to the gaming community (he's hooked).

Gaming has allowed me to meet a lot of great people and make a lot of good and valued friendships.

I am proud to be part of the committee of Raiders of the game cupboard.  And even prouder to call the members of the committee my friends.

I hope those that go to the Raiders of the Game Cupboard event enjoy them selves.  And share in my simple philosophy Turn up, Play Games, Have Fun

Crazyfrog (Founding Member)

What can I say its all Arnu's fault, I was a normal annoying kid at school until he dragged me into RPG's.

This was the start of a great friendship over the years he addicted me to Heroclix, Star Wars Miniatures, + many more.

Through a gaming event day I met Oridyne & Oskar (the source of my Arkham Horror addiction   wink ) + others and became more involved in things.
I love gaming and have met many great friends through it.

So in the end all I can say is 'Many Thanks' to Arnu for getting me into gaming and a great life style, and Oridyne & Oskar for great friendship and support in Raiders.

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