The Purple Angel
Great day, loved the tea! :)
Well Organised Day ;)

"I just want to say I had an absolutely brill time! The games I played and the people I met were very friendly and helpful. I will definitely make a note to come again. Cheers guys :)"

"Lovely day. Good to see the place packed. so many interesting games going on that I'd have loved to try out but thoroughly enjoyed the game I was in."

Phil @ Spirit Games
"Well, what a Raiders! 29th December 2011 was by far the biggest ever, what was especially handy for me was that the shop overflow space was needed, so I was able to join in while still pausing to do more work when really necessary. Organiser Paul himself had a Christmas No Room at the Inn moment and brought Kingdom Builder over, my kind of game although not yet ahead of Hacienda in my list of favourites of that genre. Come shop-closing time the crowds had thinned out so Sally and I nipped over to the Sally Army for a game of Revolver followed by introducing Head Honcho Carole to Igel Argen, a classic quick fluffy game from 1990. My, how time flies when you are enjoying yourself. Phil"
"Well, I am just about recovering from the last Raiders event, and what a bumper one it was this time we were nearly bursting at the seams, a couple of people even had to go to the overflow option over at Spirit Games. New faces are coming through the door every event which is really encouraging for the committee as we must be doing something right.

I would not have thought when we started this four years ago that we would still be at it now, it just shows that gamers from all over are still alive and kicking, well done all of you for making the effort to keep this event as successful as it is, I hope you all had a good time, I know the organisers did, we couldn't do it without you.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next one :)"
"Excellent as usual, fantastic full day event - a real pleasure gaming with friends new and old. Big thumbs up to Mr Spirit Games for his wonderful store of cornucopia, so tempting!"
"Very busy - good to see lots of new games being played and visit Spirit Games again!"
"Had a great days gaming with a fantastic bunch of people"
"Great attendance, and as usual well ordered and managed. Enjoyed my game of Tomb - and meeting friends new and old.... "
6d6 Fireball 
"This was my first visit to this event and I was impressed by the friendly, welcoming atmosphere of the organisers. They helped me find players through out the day and ran a great event.
I ran three different sessions for eleven players in total. None had played 6d6 before and they were a wide range of ages and gaming backgrounds."
Chocolate Thief 
"Many thanks to all the organisers. This was my first Raiders event and I enjoyed meeting gamers, playing a Wild West Skirmish, Dominion, Khan and Ticket to Ride. Will certainly put future ones in my diary. Happy New Year to everyone."
"Came along with family (wife (age unknown), mum (68), kids (9 and 6)) not knowing what to expect. What a welcoming and friendly group! We had a really really good time, and the six hours we were there flew by. Great to try out loads of new games to suit all the age range. Thanks to you all for the event; hope to make as many as possible in the future"
“ Free tea and coffee throughout and munchies for breakfast. Plenty of room for gamers and their games, just wish there was something of equal standard available in Leicester :( ”
“ Another fun day, shame I had to arrive late. My D&D session started around 5.30 so we didn't really get to do much, despite Jim frantically telescoping the encounters! Despite this I would definitely play a minotaur again, especially one armed with a lamppost! ”
“ Met my match at Catan and had an enjoyable day. Still, the cost of public transport to attend was undesirable. ”
“ Another great event for all concerned. The first session of the D&D was very well run by Peter, who combined his usual style of vengeful murderer with evil genius. Worked well....... ”
Mik (+2 guests)
“ Nice friendly group of people. made three newcomers feel totally welcome. We took part in the D&D games day event and even though we all died in the final encounter it was an absolute blast. Looking forward to the next one with great anticipation. ”
“ great fun with the new classes and races, thanks for peter with some great DMing ”
The Mighty Quinn (titter...titter)
“ I am no longer an Arkham Horror Virgin ! Indeed, I was pleased to be the last player alive after a 6-hour epic, even if I was then devoured by the BIG ONE ! Thanks to Dave/Frog for his patience with us newbies, and I would certainly be up for another game. ”
“ Very enjoyable D&D game. TPK at the end, though it was a valiant effort from the party.... unfortunately now the evil spawn from the far realm are invading the land. ”
"All kudos to Peter. Loved the game, even though we all perished into that damned portal. Was a great day though. Thanks all that made it possible and see you all at the next one."
"All hail Peter the Party Killer. Had great fun, thanks for DMing us through the games day event. Can't wait for the next one. "
"Raiders is always a pleasure - lots of variety and friendly people."
Simon Spencer Gaudin
"I had a great time running Dark Sun Due to a great group of players & a fun board game to finish the session. Great fun will do it again."
"This was the 2nd meetup I've attended. As with the first, it was a brilliant, non-stop day. Thank you for all those who ran and participated in games. I'm looking forward to playing Arkham at the December Game Cupboard. Thank you to the organisers!"


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