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Our next event will be on 23rd September 2017.
Hopefully you will have the time to join us for a day of escapism :) We can’t believe we  have been running this event for ten years now.
Thank you all for your attendance and support in the past it is very much appreciated, without your support it would not have lasted this long.
We have made some wonderful friends and played scores of games. It  would be nice to catch up with you all so come and join in the fun.

This is our last event of the 2017 season, regulars please bring new gamers with you of any age and help us celebrate with new games to look forward to.
Here’s looking forward to another fun day of gaming ----------and the next ten years !!

See you all for our next event.
The Committee

This event will see the following Demos/Playtesting sessions (As always these may be subject to last minute changes):

1. Colin & Ryan Pearson Games:
They are a new independent game's company and have made their first game - Mercenaries, a deck building skirmish RPG!
The game sessions will be 3 - 3 1/2 hours, and they hope to get 2 or 3 games played during our event. As there are 4 available scenarios in the box each game will be a different theme. The game is for 2 - 5 players but for demo purposes 4 is a good number. It can also be played cooperatively or competitively.

2. The next is a playtesting of a potential new Kickstarter game, Master of Olympus by Richard Buxton.

3. Tales from the Loop role playing game run by Darran Sims.
BigTrax and Magic Tricks
Tales from the Loop RPG, Three to five players and 3 to 4 hours play time.  
Newbies welcome!

"This news is even better than getting a brand new Sony Walkman, one of your childhood toys is actually based on a real British tank. A proper full sized Bigtrak on display at the County Show with more tanks, old steam engines, magnetrine ships, market stalls, and even a magic show. What could go wrong?"

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Just a big thankyou to everyone who attended our latest event and helped make it yet another fun day of gaming.

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Newsletter - Discontinued

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Raiders of the Game Cupboard Day XL - Upcoming Events

Our next event will be on 23rd September 2017, which is the last one of the 2017 Season.

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